Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lonely Princess

she never feared anything more than losing you
ice princess
lonely princess
sleepwalking through it all
she ran away to an island
where she thought she'd find you
ice princess
lonely princess
all she ever loved was you
nightmare came true
and she looked forever
but in the end you were nowhere to be found
ice princess
lonely princess
wake up its just a bad dream
but when she woke you were nowhere to be seen
hugs and kisses all she ever loved was you
lovely girl
like a rose
fragile so breakable
you hid to protect her I suppose
ice princess
lonely princess
boy you thought you could save her
boy your to afraid to break her
ice princess
lonely girl
said goodnight to her best friend
your never in her dreams
and that's why the fears so fiercely mean
when you actually leave
she cant imagine you'll ever be seen again
ice princess
lonely princess
go to sleep
losing your best friend is the scariest thing
she's going to sleepwalk through it all
ice princess
lonely princess

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